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Our motto is: “Each need has its solution”.

We are comitted to provide to our clients the tool that is best suited to meet a specific need in a well-defined context

Business Intelligence Software – Microsoft Power Bi

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Mobile
  • Power BI Report Server

Power BI is often said to be a powerful, visionary, intuitive Microsoft tool that allows everyone to get the most out of data for decision making from an unified model.

The advantages of a Power BI solution implemented by Planus Business Insight:

Incredibly fast: with Microsoft Power BI, you can view valuable information from all kinds of data in just a few minutes.

Multi-source: integrate all kinds of data – internal and external – and use them to support your decisions and your daily needs.

Multi-format: whether it is analysis, reporting or KPIs dashboards, you can present relevant information in different variants, depending on the role of each.

Multi-devices: it doesn’t matter if you use a PC, laptop, mobile phone (smartphone) or tablet. You can broadcast information on almost any device – even a connected watch. Particularly useful when your desktop goes into mobile mode.

Anywhere: Microsoft Power BI enables your users to securely access the latest information from anywhere in the world.


Microsoft Power BI and you:

  • For management and decision-makers: dashboards and reports keep you informed
  • For analysts and controllers: instantly transform information into proposals for concrete solutions. Connect your business data to a number of other data sources. Then prepare and present the information.
  • For IT: give users easy access to all relevant data. User management functions allow you to easily monitor all activities. In this way, you can ensure compliance while enjoying high-level data security.

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Tableau helps you see and understand your data

Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solution published by the company Tableau Software to obtain detailed and meaningful visualizations.

  • Tableau allows you to create dashboards intuitively and visually
  • It also makes it possible to carry out effective analyzes by publishing them in a dynamic way
  • Tableau visually scans your data and finds the best representation possible

Tableau solution uses In-Memory technology to obtain high performance results and optimize decision-making


Analyze, create, plan!

What is the Board tool?
Board helps companies build an unique vision of their performance in a simple and particularly effective way. Information from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository common to the entire company, offering business users a personalized but nevertheless unitary vision.


Anaplan is a SaaS solution for financial management and operational planning.

  • Ensure budget development.
  • Ensure financial reporting.
  • Ensure profitability analysis
  • Manage planning
  • Ensure operational monitoring for sales, workforce, supply chain or marketing

In short, Anaplan is a simple, rich and flexible solution that accelerates the implementation and deployment of applications.

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